Volkswagen Fest 2011. International brand gathers friends

June 11, 2011 on the territory of the sport complex “Chayka” the team of Marketing Bar organized and hosted an international festival Volkswagen Fest 2011 and the All-Ukrainian presentation of a new generation of Volkswagen Jetta. It was the first time when within the frame of the festival all zones of sport complex “Chayka” were run simultaneously. On these zones all the lovers of motor drive could try their hand at the competition of tuning, slalom (high-speed maneuvering) , drag racing, and circuit racing Time Attack. Number of festival participants was more than 10 000 people from 17 countries. In the evening all the guests enjoyed the Festival concert featuring Gorchitza Live Project, as well as the groups “Boombox” and “Indianapolis”. The most persistent guests were pleased by night program of the concert-hall Crystal Hall which was called the Crystal Hall Open Air.