Egg hunt

Fogs in London no, the British friendly and the prices are not as high as people say about them. Photographer Vlad Kramskoy after my next trip to London, pleased advertising Agency MarketingBar, entertaining history of the original PR campaign of 2012.

London – the world capital of fashion, Finance and indie music should be fun, especially if you got here first. London begins for all the same – with nice architectural ensembles, fake Chinese Souvenirs that almost every step of selling those from Pakistan and gloomy police and confused by all of this cycle tourists for one square meter.

At first, London greatly puzzles – where to start, where to go, what to see? But as already it turns out then, it is very easy to make friends, most importantly in advance to arm a couple of hundred pounds, and a map of the city. Today these items it is quite enough to become a rich man just hours especially if you’re in London at the height of the symbolic “race for the eggs.”

Very subjective observation. As I thought, London today already crossed the line when he was just a beautiful tourist city. In our days is the latest interactive tour-a machine that exact PR shots drops the consciousness of a normal person. Not far had and this time, I personally became a member of one of such high-profile advertising campaigns, which was called “egg Hunt”. The largest of the jewelry house of Europe and international popular designers has decorated more than two hundred Easter 70 centimeter eggs, which are scattered throughout the city and announced the prize of 150 000 pounds, the one who will find all the eggs and locks them in a special codes. Despite his short visit, I got into a fight and even started to erase from the map, those eggs that have already filmed. In the end, fixing their 10 eggs on the camera, I was not in the race, losing to winning more nimble guests of the English capital. Very funny and well-thought-out action.