Presentation/test-drive of new Lifan X60 with AT

On June 22 Lifan Motors Group presented its crossover Lifan X60 with automatic transmission. The presentation was orginized in the format of a test-drive for the whole family. In the morning, the representatives of company Jacob Liu (sales manager of Lifan Group) and Tom Tang (marketing manager of Lifan Group) took part at the press-briefing for the Media. After that press-briefing a new car Lifan X60 with an automatic transmission was tested by all visitors of this event on the special test structures. Other models of Lifan also were exhibited there, so guests of presentation could test them too.
The test-drives was supervised by professional instructors. In general, during that day more than 100 people tested Lifan’s cars, particularly Lifan X60 with automatic transmission. The event team of advertising agency Marketing Bar was responsible for organizing.